Qatar Airways Dhaka Office

Qatar Airways Dhaka Office | Address & Contact details

The Qatar Airways office in Dhaka is situated at SPL Western Tower, Level 3, North West Block, 186 Bir Uttam Shawkat Ali Road, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208. Qatar Airways has three offices in Bangladesh. We’ve provided detailed information about each of these offices. The airline has set up multiple offices to make travel services more convenient and affordable for passengers on various key routes from Bangladesh.


Qatar Airways Dhaka Office

Qatar Airways Dhaka Office Address

SPL Western Tower Level-03,
North West Block 186, Bir Uttam Shawkat Ali Road,
Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh.

Qatar Airways Dhaka Office Contact Numbers

Hotline: +88 09610 800 800
Telephone: +88 09610 800 800 (24 hours a day – 7 days a week)
Customer Care: +974 4023 0000 (24 hours a day – 7 days a week)
Airport: +88 02 8901117; +88 02 8901118
Fax: +88 02 8901119

Qatar Airways Dhaka Office Hours (Time)

Sunday to Thursday (10:00 AM – 06:00 PM)
Public Holidays (10:00 AM – 02:00 PM)

Dhaka Airport Email Address Qatar Airways

Mail at: [email protected]

Qatar Airways Dhaka Cargo Office Contact Information

Telephone Number
+88 02 890 1347
+88 02 890 1148

Fax Number
+88 02 890 1339

Qatar Airways Official Website

Qatar Airways Flight Schedule (Dhaka to Doha)

If you are planning to travel with Qatar Airways from Dhaka to Doha, you should know their flight schedule. Qatar Airways operates a regular service between Dhaka and Doha. Choosing the right flight from Dhaka to Doha is difficult if you don’t know Qatar Airways’ flight schedule. Below is a table that presents your thoughts.

Flight NODepartureArrivalOperationAirport Code
Qatar Airways 64110:45 am1:40 pmSaturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and FridayDAC – DOH
Qatar Airways 6357:35 pm10:30 pmSaturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and FridayDAC – DOH
Qatar Airways 833310:50 pm1:45 amSaturdayDAC – DOH
Qatar Airways 63911:00 pm1:55 amSaturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and FridayDAC – DOH
Dhaka to Doha Qatar Airways Flight Schedule
Qatar Airways Dhaka to Doha Ticket Price
Airlines NameRoadTicket Price
Qatar AirwaysDhaka (DAC) – Doha (DOH)“±” 95000 BDT TK

Qatar Airways Flight Schedule Dhaka to JFK, New York

Flight NOTotal TimeStopsViaAirport Code
Qatar Airways23h 20m1DohaDAC – JFK

Qatar Airways Dhaka to JFK, New York Ticket Price

Airlines NameRoadTicket Price
Qatar AirwaysDAC – DOH – JFK“±” 140500 BDT TK
Qatar Airways Flight Booking Process for Bangladeshi Travelers
Qatar Airways Flight Booking Process for Bangladeshi Travelers

As a Bangladeshi traveler, you can book flights from Dhaka or any other district of Bangladesh by adopting 3 methods.

  1. By contacting the Qatar Airways Dhaka office directly.
  2. From the official website of Qatar Airways.
  3. With the help of various travel agencies located in Bangladesh.

Each method is briefly discussed below.

  1. By contacting the Qatar Airways Dhaka office directly:

You can book your required flight by selecting your travel destination and contacting the Qatar Airways Dhaka office directly after collecting the necessary documents. We have informed you about the location and contact number of their office in Bangladesh above.

  1. From the official website of Qatar Airways:

If you want, you can book Qatar Airways tickets at home without going anywhere. This allows you to select your flight according to the destination you want to travel to as a Bangladeshi passenger. To do this you need to visit their official website and book tickets by searching for flights by filling in the desired form.

  1. With the help of leading travel agencies in Bangladesh:

In this way, Qatar Airways flight booking or ticket from Bangladesh is relatively easy. Regardless of the travel agency you choose, you can book the desired ticket. If you are interested in booking a Qatar Airways flight from any part of Bangladesh, please call the below number.

Qatar Airways Ticketing and Flight Booking from Bangladesh

If you want, you can know details about Qatar Airways ticketing and booking by making a call. If you want to book from Dhanmondi or Tejgaon then you can contact us at the following numbers. You can book tickets directly if you want. For any need, you can contact us to find detailed information about Qatar Airways tickets. We are always at your service.

Hotline: 09639203090


Hope you find the right and dependable guidance for your Qatar Airways flight booking.

Qatar Airways Online Check-in Dhaka and Boarding Pass

Online registration is the assistance of Qatar Airways which permits travelers to register online from their home, office, or elsewhere. You can utilize this support by selecting your seats, adding/changing your outing and wreck inclinations, and distributing your ticket. This saves you time both on and off the field.

Registration administration is accessible for travelers 48 hours to an hour and a half preceding takeoff, contingent upon the saved journal. Before takeoff from the United States, registration is conceivable 24 hours in advance. Several hours before takeoff, you should arrive on the field to monitor the field.

Qatar Airways Services and In-Flight Meals

Qatar Airways Services and In-Flight Meals

Qatar Airways offers top-of-the-line convenience and convenience. Which, when prepared, is intended to tackle its travelers’ concerns. Its in-flight redirection organization offers accounts, flicks, and games to tackle the issues of sharp watchers and ensure you don’t get taken out. The onboard Wi-Fi Association helps voyagers with the rest.

The most honed cooker on earth is where Qatar Airways recognizes its introduced food decisions. You can pick the most recent readymade epic refinement from the delectable chance of chalk and starter. The sweet and delightful thing

This means you’ll be able to get help during your flight from pop-on-board experts and new experts. Unambiguous refinement is difficult to achieve when considering special salutary prerequisites. You should contact your transport provider 24 hours in advance if you want veggie-friendly, dairy-free, or vegetarian options. You can find similar pleasant areas in clear breakouts regardless of where you go.

Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance Policy

Qatar Airways has a truly liberal gear remittance; However, for protected and agreeable travel, care should be taken to guarantee that baggage rules are not abused.

Baggage recompense in Qatar relies upon the course and booking of classes. At the point when you talk about your ticket, you will see the number of packs and gear remittances for your flight office. This will likewise be demonstrated on your ticket.

For instance, carrier trip recompenses for breakouts vary from Brazil, Argentina, Africa, the United States, Canada, Doha, Casablanca, and Marrakech. You can visit the Qatar Airways site for explicit subtleties. For different nations and objections, handled baggage remittance is displayed beneath however may fluctuate contingent upon lodge class and flight course.

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance from Dhaka to the USA or International Flight

It is important to know the nuances of baggage claims before flying from Dhaka to the USA via Qatar Airways. So we should find out without doing anything about Dhaka to USA Qatar Airways staff stipend.

Economy Class

Baggage AllowanceEconomy ClassicEconomy ConvenienceEconomy Comfort
Flights to/from all destinations25kg (55lb)30kg (66lb)35kg (77lb)
Flights to/from Africa or the Americas2 pieces (23kg/50lb each)2 pieces (23kg/50lb each)2 pieces (23kg/50lb each)
Hand baggage1 piece (7kg/15lb)1 piece (7kg/15lb)1 piece (7kg/15lb)

Economy Class

Baggage AllowanceBusiness ClassicBusiness ComfortBusiness Elite
Flights to/from all destinations40kg (88lb)40kg (88lb)40kg (88lb)
Flights to/from Africa or the Americas2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)
Hand baggage2 pieces (15kg/33lb total)2 pieces (15kg/33lb total)2 pieces (15kg/33lb total)

First Class

Baggage AllowanceFirst Elite
Flights to/from all destinations50kg (110lb)
Flights to/from Africa or the Americas2 pieces (32kg/70lb each)
Hand baggage2 pieces (15kg/33lb total)

It’s usually a good idea to keep track of the specific baggage stipend shown on your ticket as employee awards can vary depending on the course and class of your travel.

Qatar Airways Travel Seat Classes

Qatar Airways offers four separate classes for its breakout travel. You can pick between the Commodius Frugality class and the lavish and exquisite top-notch or business class regions that offer a definitive in space, solace, and administration. Aside from QSuite, the program offers front seats equipped with unique help rules, which allow you to adjust the space to your needs.

Economy Class: It has the biggest leaning-back seating region for agreeable travel. There are a lot of spots to rest, sit, and eat truly agreeable food without being restricted to one seat. The carrier additionally offers an extraordinary gracious arrangement to keep you revived on significant distance breakouts. Economy class tickets are the most reasonable.

Travel Classes on Qatar Airways

First Class

First Class offers a perfect combination of remarkable and comfortable first-class services during your flight. From hand dishes to expert service developer assessments and suites, you can enjoy a great travel experience that will take you to the end of the trip.

Business Class

The Business Class Lodge was designed with the discerning traveler in mind. It offers a sumptuous cabinet space with offices that guarantee an astonishing and exciting ride.

What makes Business Class truly exceptional? However, these are the elite epicure reflexes it offers its travelers. Each wreck choice is named by your particular decision. You can appreciate selective developments in the Commodious Eating condo given by everybody.

QSuite Seat

Business Class gets an inventive redesign as a demonstrated suite with additional seats and entryways for solace. Mindset lighting, a full flatbed for the parlor, and ample wardrobe space are a fraction of the extra costs you may realize outside of a business-class establishment. Right now, Qsuite is accessible for breakouts from the Middle East, Kuwait, Muscat, and Beirut.

Qatar Airways Popular Aircraft and Seat Capacity

Being one of the world’s most famous airlines, Qatar Airways has all the popular planes in its fleet. Which are engaged in regular passenger transport services to different parts of the city. But so that you can know more about these plains, a list has been published below. Where models and seat capacity of popular planes are mentioned.

AircraftQuantityCapacity of Seats
Boeing 777-300ER521124
Airbus A350-90034283
Boeing 787-830254
Airbus A320-20029276
Airbus A350-100019327
Airbus A38010517
Boeing 777-200LR9548
Airbus A330-3008305
Boeing 787-97311
Airbus A330-2006260
Airbus A321-2001182

About Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways was laid out in 1993 and is the public transporter of Qatar. It is one of five aircraft appraised 5-star by Skytrax. It works with more than 100 objections, including its fundamental center point at Doha International Airport. Qatar Airways has become one of the quickest-developing aircraft transporters on the planet. The aircraft is settled in Doha with 20,000 representatives.

In the 2010 Skytrex Passenger Survey, Qatar Airways was positioned as the third-best carrier on the planet. It has turned into the best carrier in the Middle East for the fifth year straight. Qatar Airways has been named by peruses of Business Travel Magazine in the United States as the world’s best aircraft for global travel. It has won first and business-class grants at the Pax International Awards in Dubai, the best air terminal parlor in the Middle East. In the 2010/11 monetary year, the carrier is relied upon to convey more than 16 million travelers around the world.

Qatar Airways Dhaka to Doha Flight Status

Qatar Airways operates regular Doha flights from Dhaka. If you want, you can find out the status of each flight. Now the question is, how can I find out the status of the Qatar Airways flight from Dhaka to Doha?

Qatar Airways Dhaka to Doha Flight Status

The answer to your question at present is a very simple answer online. Click here to watch the Dhaka to Doha Qatar Airways flight status live.

Best Sales Agent of Qatar Airways Dhaka, Bangladesh

Qatar Airways currently has several Sales Agents in Dhaka for Bangladeshi passengers. From this travelers can book air tickets according to their destination. But one of the most famous sales agents among them is goFLY Limited. They have been operating Qatar Airways flight booking services for Bangladeshi passengers for a long time now.

In continuation, they have now become known as the largest and most comprehensive travel agency of Qatar Airways in Bangladesh. So if you want to buy tickets according to your destination through the reputed sales agents of Qatar Airways in Bangladesh, then you can contact them.

Important FAQ About Qatar Airways Dhaka Office

How to Change Qatar Airways Flight Date from Bangladesh?

To change your Qatar Airways Flight Date from Bangladesh call 01713-289176.

How to Check Qatar Airways Ticket?

To check a Qatar Airways ticket you have to visit their official website. You can also visit here. After visiting this website, type your PNR code or E-ticket number and your last name and click on the find booking option.

What is Qatar Airways PNR Code?

PNR code is a six-digit booking reference. Find it on your Qatar Airways ticket.

What Type of Set is Available on Qatar Airways?

There are 3 types of seats available on Qatar Airways flights. E.g. First Class, Business Class, QSuite Seat.

What is Business Class on Qatar Airways?

Business class on Qatar Airways means a kind of passenger seat.

How to Request Refund Qatar Airways?

To request a refund ticket you have to go there. After visiting the page you will find all requirements for a refund on Qatar Airways.

What Does Rescheduled Mean Qatar Airways?

When the timing of a flight is changed, it is called Rescheduled.

How Many Aircraft in Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways has a total of 233 aircraft in its service.

How Much Does Qatar Airways Charge for Extra Baggage?

It depends on the weight of your product and the destination. Visit here to learn more about it.

How to Rebook Qatar Airways Ticket?

To rebook your Qatar Airways ticket contact us. We can rebook your Qatar Airways ticket within a short time. Our Office Number: 01713-289178

Is Qatar Airways Flying from Bangladesh?

Yes, Qatar Airways currently operates daily flights for Bangladeshi passengers. This will allow common passengers to complete their journey by booking Qatar Airways flights to their destination.

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Let me conclude by saying that we hope you have read the entire post about the Qatar Airways office in Dhaka, address, and contact number. Now the Qatar Airways office is easily accessible from any part of Bangladesh. If you have more information about this, be sure to share it with us by commenting below.

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