Dhaka to Saidpur Air Ticket Price and Flight Schedule

Dhaka to Saidpur Air Ticket Price | Flight Schedule 2023

Every day many people search Dhaka to Saidpur air ticket prices as they travel this route for a variety of reasons. In this case, the post will be beneficiary for them.

Saidpur is located on the north side of Bangladesh and its airport is the northernmost one in the nation. The IATA code of Saidpur domestic airport is SPD. Since aircraft have been introduced, traveling between Dhaka and Saidpur has become much easier.

Visitors can additionally check  Dhaka to Saidpur air ticket prices. Also, check flight schedules, and flight durations from here. Below is more information about traveling this route for travelers.

Other Information on the Dhaka to Saidpur Flight Route

Dhaka and Saidpur are 366 kilometers apart by road. Travel time is approximately 8 hours, but can be lengthened if you are stuck in a traffic jam. Maybe it takes 10 to 11 hours then. The air journey takes around 1 hour. So people preferred aircraft more than the bus.

Bangladesh has three popular airlines that operate between Dhaka and Saidpur daily. The airlines are

A chart of air travel has been published below to give an idea of this route.

Dhaka to Saidpur Ariel distance276 KM
Travel duration1 Hrs
Popular airlinesBiman Bangladesh, US Bangla, Novoair
Dhaka to Saidpur first flight8:00 AM 
Dhaka to Saidpur last flight7:30 PM

Dhaka to Saidpur Air Ticket Price and Flight Schedule

From Dhaka to Saidpur, people frequently use the air to satisfy their daily needs. All flights are direct on this route. Before traveling, they should research Dhaka to Saidpur airline’s ticket prices and flight schedules. Knowing this information allows you to book flights and tickets according to your schedule and convenient budget.

The flight fare starts from 3500 BDT TK, Moreover, there are always offers on tickets so if you get these offers the price can be reduced. You will learn about these things here. Here’s a look at the schedule and ticket prices of the airlines that fly from Dhaka to Saidpur.

Dhaka to Saidpur Air Ticket Price Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh is the national carrier of Bangladesh. It has regular three flights on this route. You can enjoy both economy and business class according to your budget.

Seat ClassTicket Price
Super Saver Economy3500 BDT TK
Economy Saver4500 BDT TK
Economy Flexi6300 BDT TK
Business 8000 BDT TK

Dhaka to Saidpur Air Ticket Price US-Bangla Airlines

Among private airlines in Bangladesh, US Bangla is the biggest. Flights are available here.

Seat ClassTicket Price
Saver4499 BDT TK
Flex6400 BDT TK
Flex Plus8400 BDT TK

Dhaka to Saidpur Ticket Price NovoAir

Seat ClassTicket Price
Promo4499 BDT TK
Special4900BDT TK
Discount5900 BDT TK
Saver6900 BDT TK
Flexible7900 BDT TK

Note: Air ticket prices are always subject to change due to various reasons.

Dhaka to Saidpur Flight Schedule

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dhaka to Saidpur flight schedule

Flight NoDeparture TimeArrival Time
BG4938:30 AM9:30 AM
BG6932:00 PM 3:00 PM
BG4957:00 PM8:10 PM

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Saidpur to Dhaka Flight Schedule

Flight NoDeparture TimeArrival Time
BG4949:55 AM10:55 AM
BG6943:25 PM 4:25 PM
BG4968:35 PM10:40 PM

US-Bangla Airlines Dhaka to Saidpur Flight Schedule

Flight NoDeparture TimeArrival Time
BS1818:00 AM9:00 AM
BS18310:30 AM11:30 AM
BS1872:05 PM3:05 PM
BS1935:00 PM6:00 PM
BS1957:30 PM8:30 PM

US-Bangla Airlines Saidpur to Dhaka Flight Schedule

Flight NoDeparture TimeArrival Time
BS1829:30 AM10:25 AM
BS18412:00 PM12:55 PM
BS1883:35 PM4:30 PM
BS1946;30 PM7:25 PM
BS1969:00 PM9:55 PM

Novoair Dhaka to Saidpur Flight Schedule

Flight NoDeparture TimeArrival Time
VQ9618:00 AM9:00 AM
VQ96310:10 AM11:10 AM
VQ9651:10 PM2:10 PM
VQ9697:00 PM8:00 PM

Novoair Saidpur to Dhaka Flight Schedule

Flight NoDeparture TimeArrival Time
VQ9629:30 AM10:30 AM
VQ96411:40 AM12:40 PM
VQ9662:40 PM3:40 PM
VQ9708:30 PM9:30 PM

Note: Flight schedules are always subject to change due to various reasons.

10 Best Places in Saidpur Where You Must Visit

Best Places in Saidpur

The beauty of Saidpur can’t be overstated. Rivers surround the city. It’s an excellent place for sightseeing. The following are some of the most popular attractions in the area.

NilasagorTeesta barrage and irrigation projectDharmapala GorChini Mosque
Hazrat Shah Kolondor TombDimla PalaceMainamati’s FortressSaidpur Church
Uttara EPZKundupukur Shrine

Best Hotels in Saidpur

There are standard quality hotels to stay in Saidpur. If you don’t have any relatives there then don’t worry. You can stay in these hotels. We have mentioned here some best hotels for you.

Concord HotelGrand palace hotel & resortHotel North View
Diamond HotelDiaz Hotel & resort

Some FAQS of Dhaka to Saidpur Flight

How long will it take me to fly from Dhaka to Saidpur?

You can reach Saidpur from Dhaka within 1 hour by air.

What time does the first flight from Dhaka to Saidpur leave?

The first flight in the morning from Dhaka to Saidpur is 8:00 AM.

How many flights are there a day between Dhaka and Saidpur?

Usually, there are more than 7 direct flights each day leaving Dhaka in the direction of Saidpur, for a total of 54 flights weekly.

Which one is more comfortable to book a Dhaka to Saidpur air ticket, the airline’s office or the travel agency?

The travel agency is more comfortable than the airline’s office. Because airlines office is limited in one place but travel agency number is huge. you can get a travel agency easily  Everywhere.

Is Saidpur airport a domestic airport?

Yes, Saidpur Airport is a domestic airport. However, it is undergoing major construction and expecting flights from Nepal in the future.

Are hotels available in Saidpur?

Saidpur has many tourist places so all types of hotels are available here. You can book a hotel based on your financial constraints.

Can I get a flight at night from Dhaka to Saidpur?

Dhaka to Saidpur’s last flight is at 7:30 PM.

When is the best time to go to Saidpur?

September and October is the best time for traveling to Saidpur.

Which place is a must-visit place in Saidpur?

The Kantajir Mondir is famous in Saidpur. You must go there.

Do I need a passport to travel to Saidpur from Dhaka?

No, you don’t need a passport but you need your NID or birth certificate for a domestic flight.

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Finally, the post ended up with Dhaka to Saidpur air ticket prices. Here is also mentioned flight schedule, hotels, and some best places. You will be happy to explore Saidpur. So hurry up book your air ticket and enjoy your trip. If you have any queries then contact us or leave a comment below.

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